Developing A Curriculum method for occupational analysis. An Approach to Knowledge Management

Yusef El Assafiri-Ojeda, Yuly Esther Medina-Nogueira, Alberto Medina-León, Dianelys Nogueira-Rivera, Daylin Medina-Nogueira


The dynamism experienced by organizations today must be compensated with the use of techniques and tools that meet their needs. The conjugation of elements of the classical administration, with the new tendencies to manage the companies is a feasible conception in the search of results for the increase of the organizational performance. In this paper a procedure for the application of the DACUM method, originally conceived for the occupational description of a job, in an approach to Knowledge Management is proposed. The adaptation raises the extension of a matrix that incorporates the necessary knowledge for the execution of tasks and functions that converts the method into a feasible use tool in the elaboration of improvement programs and in the knowledge audit processes.

Palabras clave

occupational analysis, Developing A Curriculum, knowledge management

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