Dynamic simulation of a back-feeded production system

Lisaura Walkiria Rodríguez-Alvarado, Jesús Loyo-Quijada, Miguel Ángel López-Ontiveros, Jesús Vicente González-Sosa


This paper shows a model of a feedback system of a connector assembly line. The feedback is established as a control system, where the result of certain variables such as pending orders to be delivered, are introduced again to the model in order to improve its performance. The dynamic model was developed in the simulation platform of the VensimPle software, student version, with the system dynamics methodology. The main results are that the feedback loops established in the model allow the productive system, inventory levels and production flows of the stations to remain stable; this considering two scenarios: production capacity greater and less than demand. It was demonstrated, when the client's requirement exceeds the productive capacity, pending orders are generated, but the levels of inventories and productive flows remain stable.

Palabras clave

simulation, feedback, production, system dynamics, capacity

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