Generator of interesting values for unit test cases

Dania Mailen Rojas-Robert, Zeyla Pérez-Morales, Martha Dunia Delgado-Dapena


An activity of vital importance in software testing is the design and creation of effective test cases associated with adequate generation of test values, because empirical tests can´t guarantee detection of all errors and the exhaustive testing is very costly in time and effort. Therefore, the strategy is try to make the tests the most inclusive possible to consider a subset of possible cases and test values most likely to detect errors. In this context, the need arises for using test case design techniques for the automatic generation of test cases, which ensure high levels of error coverage. This paper presents a component that generates automatically, values for unit testing, using design techniques Loops and Conditions.

Palabras clave

software testing, test values, technical design test cases, test loops, test conditions

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