Model diagnostic–maintenance planning and control

Rogej Arturo Marrero-Hernández, José Alberto Vilalta-Alonso, Edith Martínez-Delgado


It was carrying out the analysis of the management of fixed assets throughout their cycle of life. For which the variation of the indicators of management of the entities is studied, as well as the affectation or not of the value chain of the production processes or services. The objective of this research was to propose a design of an integrated model for the management of the maintenance, with the use of the multicriteria techniques, in order to contribute to achieve maintenance plans, as a tool that facilitates decision-making. This model will allow the development of a logical structure and thus detect, calculate and analyze the resources necessary for carrying out maintenance. For this, techniques and tools were used to capture the primary data and its subsequent processing such as: interview with experts, the bibliographic search, and the Delphi method.

Palabras clave

model, planning, control, maintenance.









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