Assessment chemical risks by dimethyl benzene isomers in paints

Edgar Tarquino Machado Miranda, Marcelo Antonio Jacome Valdez, Doris Lisbeth Mosquera Guanoluisa, Ana María Pilco Salazar


This research was focused on the analysis and chemical risks assessment caused by volatile organic compounds in high traffic painting activities on Ambato Municipality. The objective was to assess chemical risks by isomers of dimethyl benzene and its impact on health of the painters to decrease the workers exposure to the mentioned risk. This research consider the use of the theory of chemical risks assessment based on the maximum acceptable exposure limits in the workplace according to the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists and using the concept National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to determine the exposure dose. The following methods were used: questionnaire, observation and bibliographic documentary research. It was obtained that is additive, the value was obtained 1.75, is over the acceptable limit for humans that is 1, which causes serious diseases and the rate of morbidity is high.

Palabras clave

assessment chemical risks , dimethyl benzene, painters

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