Factors present in the construction of substantive design theories

Orestes Dámaso Castro-Pimienta, Sergio Luis Peña-Martínez, Adonis Domínguez-Castro, Fernando Peón-Sánchez, José Luis Betancourt-Herrera


The article reveals the objective existence of factors that show the process of emersion of a general substantive theory of design. It was clarified that this is not formulated, but that it is clarified of how it is going through the path of the construction of a general substantive theory of design. For which the following methods were used fundamentally: historical-logical method, documentary analysis and the survey from a knowledge management system. Elements that allowed to identified a set of factors associated with the "Emergence" of certain theoretical constructions in different areas of technological scientific knowledge, particularizing design as an area of scientific and technological knowledge, constituted as an academic discipline and as a profession.

Palabras clave

knowledge management, theory, substantive theory, intermediate theories, design thinking.

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