Standard times for line balancing in model four automotive welding area

Gloria Miño-Cascante, Julio Cesar Moyano, Carlos Santillán-Mariño


The study is carried out in the area of welding in the Ciudad del Auto Company (CIAUTO) for the four Model 4 (M4), where the activities are identified in each of the seven work stations. In these stations, with audiovisual resources, the following is done: the measurement, calculation and recording of normal times, standard times; using as a work performance factor based on Westinghouse tables, calculation of work supplements, company's own values. It was obtained that 18191 seconds, a takt time of 2730 seconds with a demand in that period of 10 units. With the standard times the precedence diagrams are made to determine the line balance and the corresponding work assignment with a total of 10 people, because the synchronized operations have to be performed both on the right and left side of the car.

Palabras clave

line balancing, standard times, diagram predecessors

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