Procedure for the supply of raw materials in the restaurant industry

Mirtha Montañez-Rufino, Jessica Alejandra Canto-Maldonado, Karina Concepción González-Herrera, Amira Balancán-ZapataI, Pilar Lamban-Castillo


The supply chain has become one of the most important concepts regarding the current business environment; however, it focuses, almost exclusively, on the industrial sector, leaving services aside. In Latin America, the restaurant industry generates millions in sales every year, so analyze operating procedures is of great value to companies by the results that can be applied to seek to reduce time, effort and cost invested. The aim of this study was to establish a procedure allowing the efficient supply of raw material required for day to day the restaurant industry. The main methods used were documentary analysis and interview. With the validation of the procedure, one of the main restaurant chains in the south-southeast of Mexico was obtained: reduction of time in picking orders, decrease of incidences in the supply chain and better work environment.

Palabras clave

Supply chain, process, supply

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